the man in the mirror | a bitter introspection

Don't feel pain, do you? Don't snivel, don't chuckle do you? (Dabbled on the floor) don't even crawl, do you? Acceptance of a disguised defeat? Will has died, wounds have dried. "Hope" lying beside the feet. "Great", is a conjecture (now), "Nice" is a luxury; "fine" is a dream. Marrow-less spine, battered to bow. Is… Continue reading the man in the mirror | a bitter introspection

let’s die tonight

Let's die tonight. Let the mistakes, the blunders, the sins, you once committed, be engraved on your heart, and, let's stop that heart from beating, racing, ceasing every time, those sins come by, those lies are heard,  those promises are broken, that trust is lost, in front of the closed eyelids. So, let's stop that… Continue reading let’s die tonight