the man in the mirror | a bitter introspection

Don't feel pain, do you? Don't snivel, don't chuckle do you? (Dabbled on the floor) don't even crawl, do you? Acceptance of a disguised defeat? Will has died, wounds have dried. "Hope" lying beside the feet. "Great", is a conjecture (now), "Nice" is a luxury; "fine" is a dream. Marrow-less spine, battered to bow. Is… Continue reading the man in the mirror | a bitter introspection

the breakdown

What do you want to know about it? It feels Heavy, like a force pulling you down, stronger than the sun, pulling those planets, stronger than, a dying star, the dying love, murdering itself, & of course, the lovers, stronger thanĀ a mother’s calling to her stolen child.   Lures you to take the fall, and […]