the breakdown

What do you want to know about it? It feels Heavy, like a force pulling you down, stronger than the sun, pulling those planets, stronger than, a dying star, the dying love, murdering itself, & of course, the lovers, stronger thanĀ a mother’s calling to her stolen child.   Lures you to take the fall, and […]


Random Post #1

Most people are jubilant about shutting down of KAT on the “Festive” release of Kabali, but here’s a thought, you can pray and bow in front of the magnificent RajniKant, but when you are finished watching it, you will want to see teachers, plumbers or even taxi rides to fall asleep, you can’t *coughs* while watching Rajnikant killing off villains with a banana peel.

Two minutes of silence for Artem Vaulin.
*yelling* “KAT will never shut down!”
*in cute* Please don’t do it.