the breakdown

What do you want to know about it?

It feels Heavy,

like a force pulling you down,

stronger than the sun holding to the heavenlies,

stronger than the dying love,

stronger than a mother’s

calling to her stolen child.


Lures you to take the fall,

and you are highly mistaken,

if you believe the fall,

can end it all.

‘Cause, if you’ll take it,

You will repent.

’unearthing self,

becomes untenable.

You lament,

You cry,

You suffocate,

on the tears & the phlegm,

you choke,

on the albatross,

hanging around your neck.

You run,

but your legs tremble,

you fall anyway,

into an enormous gorge,

which slowly,

diminishes into an obscure crevice,

and you become small,

smaller than those bloodsucking bugs,

you see no light,

you hear no sound,

they call it a blackout,

I call it, the breakdown.

Your lips move,

your mouth opens,

your tongue wriggles,

your neck struggles,

your diaphragm descends,

your lungs inflate,

but you still can’t breathe.

You run,

you run again,

trying to get away,


from the things,

that are embedded in your head.



So you stand,

but not really,

you run,

but not really,

you breathe,

but not really,

you fall,

you suffocate,

you die,

but not really.

and this all,

doesn’t happen one after another,

but all at once,

the breakdown leaves you no escape,

no place to hide, none.



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