let’s die tonight

Let’s die tonight.

Let the mistakes,

the blunders,

the sins,

you once committed,

be engraved on your heart,


let’s stop that heart from



ceasing every time,

those sins come by,

those lies are heard, 

those promises are broken,

that trust is lost,

in front of the closed eyelids.

So, let’s stop that stopping heart and,

Let’s die tonight.

Let’s die tonight,

let’s stop breathing,

shut the lips,

the lips those lied.

the lips which trembled to speak in candour.

got paralyzed when they must have moved,

to confess the truth. 

It’s too late now. 

they don’t deserve to let out a word, 

but syllables,

one at a time,

for the sake of communication, 

for the sake of being dragged to death.

So let’s save those lips the long wait, and

Let’s die tonight.

Let’s die tonight.

Shut those eyes

that cry too much,

unaware of the truth,

that lamenting can’t do anything.

that they will burn,

looking back at mistakes, blunders & sins.

that they won’t get the reflection they’re crying for.

So, let’s save those eyes the lancinating pain.

Let’s shut those melting glaciers and, 

Let’s die tonight.

Let’s die tonight,

Let’s stop the lungs inflating and

let the blood turn blue and cold

like the unforgivable soul,

let’s die tonight.

Let’s die tonight,

let the eyes,

the lips,

the heart,

the soul,







Sleep into

the oblivious abyss,


wake up in the ferocious sun,

burn the old,

become something new,

Let’s die to reborn.

Let’s die tonight.



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