us – the simple verse

This one’s for Us.

It’s called Us.

And, no it’s not a song.

Just a simple verse.




The two letter word that,

That binds together

Two persons?

Two souls?

Two birds.

Flying in the open sky

Across the clouds

And the seas

The lands and

The times they

Smiled at each other

Held hands

Danced slowly





They’re are pretty good

No, probably the best.

But sometimes they flicker


Unlike the candle

Neither of them melts

But, they both bicker

They quarrel

They fight

They fight bad, oh my!

They both know why?

But none of them says it out loud.

Waits for the other.

Self-conceit? Perhaps.

But undying expectations? Definitely.



They say,

When two souls merge

Into each other

They either burn brighter

Than the sun


Create a dark abyss

They, sir! Are different.

Very different than you think

They shine brighter than the sun

In the dark abyss

Like a dying star,

A supernova.

They hurt each other.

They both cry

Feel there’s nothing that can help

There is nothing to try.

They think together

They breathe for each other.

Their hearts quite knows, how goes the fable.

But there minds, aah their minds!

They aren’t cunning as they think.

Love has to be mutual.


Yet, it can’t be.

Either one has to fly above

Once in a while,

So, the other is in the shadow.

To be away from the sun.

Get masked for the cool.

One at a time, but changing roles.

Take care of each other


Sometimes little, sometimes a little more.




When you find it tough

Too difficult to handle

Too much to give out

Too much to let go

Just reminisce the days

When we found,





I am proud of Us.

I adore Us.

I admire Us.

I don’t want to lose Us.

The two letters you see.

That’s U and Me.

For what is Us without You (U).

And what’s me without Us.

This is our Story.

Not the song.

But a simple verse,

It’s just Us.



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